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Monday, May 2, 2011


I love this shot. The model  MzFit picked up these two bicycle rims stored in the attic and just started playing with them. She is very creative and fun to work with.

Haha! You definitely brought out the creativity in me :) I am SORE today and it took 3 showers to get all that dirty off!! :)
by model MzFit MM# 156097  OMP# 35306

Thank you for the nice afternoon Al. I think we did some pretty unique and creative things today!! :)
by model MzFit MM# 156097  OMP# 35306

I think it's so cool you seem to not only love photographing but you also seem to love the post processing as well. It's exciting to work with someone that is enthusiastic and really wants to see a final image, thank you! I bet your eyes are going nuts right about now for sure...relax then and have a great evening. MzFit

 MzFit MM# 156097  OMP# 35306
 MzFit MM# 156097  OMP# 35306

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