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Wednesday, August 7, 2013



is my original footbridge gal that we attempted to do a nude shoot on the bridge. After being admired by some factory workers we headed to a favorite abandoned building that I have shot in several times. Using some of the same area but always discovering new places to shoot. After a short while it began raining and raining harder. We dodged puddles and leaking roofs everywhere but came up with a few winners.This was the same day the roof blew off the Court House.  7-10-13

Jessica Westinghouse

Jessica is a sweat gal that photographed  on  Sunday Aug 4, 2013. We started the session on a special foot bridge that I have been anxious to create some artistic nudes at. A photographer friend turned me on to the location. The last time I was at that location was during the week and workers started coming out of the factory near by and that made the model shy from disrobing on the bridge. This time it was Sunday morning no one around except one dude strolling over the bridge as you will see. 8-3-13